Chase Williamson, myself and Clint Howard on the set of Sparks.

Clint is a super cool dude it’s like talking to the next neighbor you like! 
Clint is a super die hard Pittsburg Steelers fan and he’s been in the industry since he was a kid so he has the best stories.

I remember Clint calling me up right before filming. “Hey, Chris, I talked to my dad, and he confirmed that there was indeed some newspaper editors who grew the same beard as I have right now. So dad said it was authentic.” 

It’s Clint Howard for god sake! 
He took the time to ask his dad if his beard would be okay for Sparks? For our indie film? Really?

And who am I say to no to Clint Howard, let alone his father?

So my answer was simple “Beard on Mr. Howard…Beard on!”

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