The first person casted for Sparks was Scott Allen Rinker for the part of Mr. Docherty.

In 2005 Scott auditioned for Gamers the movie, he originally tried out for the part of Gordon. I immediately thought he would a great Paul and asked him to read for that part instead.
The character of Paul had to be funny, pathetic, dramatic and believable.
I remember watching Scott breeze through all those emotions and just being impressed with his range.

Scott was the only cast member to bring his own dice to the set of Gamers, which was about a friends in their thirties who still played dungeons and dragons.

When filming wrapped Scott left his twenty sided dice at my house.
I kept that dice and joked that I would only return to him on the set of the next movie.

Seven long years later, we are filming the final scene for Sparks between Chase Williamson and Scott in the rain of course.

I pull Chase aside and handed him the dice and he quickly improvises a scene where he pleads with Scott to stay alive and to use this dice to roll a safety check.

It was a cool moment, Chase was awesome and we generally surprised Scott. And yes, we filmed that entire scene.


Interesting enough, Kevin Kirkpatrick, who played the lead role of Gordon auditioned at the same time as Scott.
It was the first time I met either actor and I made the two audition together as Gordon and Paul.
I swear I kept giving them new scenes to memorize. I think I kept them at the audition for a good hour and a half.
I knew at that moment I had half my two leads for Gamers. 

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