Producer and men’s high fashion runway model, Eric D. Wilkinson went shopping at FYE today!And look at what DVD is on the end cap!I myself, have never seen an FYE Store!I was advised that I need to start getting out more in life!Thank you Eric ” Zoolander” Wilkinson for the picture and advice!

Producer and men’s high fashion runway model, Eric D. Wilkinson went shopping at FYE today!
And look at what DVD is on the end cap!
I myself, have never seen an FYE Store!
I was advised that I need to start getting out more in life!
Thank you Eric ” Zoolander” Wilkinson for the picture and advice!

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So who wants a GIF file of Lady Heavenly striking a guy in the nuts?

There’s been so many occasions, while I am texting that I have wanted this exact GIF!

Christmas has come early! Thank you internet!

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New DVD releases: April 2014 »



"Curio of the week is this ingenious low-budget adaptation of Christopher Folino’s graphic novel about a Forties do-goody superhero. One for Sin City fanboys."

Seriously, how Curio cool is that! The London Evening Standard!

Sparks releases this Monday April 7th!
How amazingly kind and cool!
And I am so going to say CURIO 24/7 to my kids this weekend!

Jason Driver sat for a portrait this past weekend 

Another awesome drawing by Chuck Kunkle!

What do you think Mr. Sobolov?

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WTF: Sparks (2013) »

So here is a review of Sparks called that made me laugh.

WARNING don’t read this review unless you have seen Sparks, it goes scene by scene of the film with some pretty twisted and funny commentary! 
SECOND WARNING, the review is not for the faint of heart!

Paul is a twisted human being. However, I laughed a lot!

The WTF stands for WATCH THE FILM.

When I read this review I had a mixture of the real WTF with a side of WOW! 

I was amazed at how much effort Paul went into reviewing the movie.

All apologizes on the lack of posts. Day job!

This is the exact face William Katt makes whenever I sing “Believe it or not” to him. 

I especially like singing the song when Bill visits the men’s restroom!

Truth be told, I did have “Believe it or not” as his ringtone and when I was hanging out with Mr Katt, I would always lie and ask him “Bill, I can’t find my cell! Can you call me?”

I did this like 9 times to the man! 
I am fortunate to still be alive! 

Great drawing Chuck!

Check out the trailer for Bret Wood’s new movie “The Unwanted” featuring William Katt like you’ve never seen him!

The Unwanted just had a successful screening at The Atlanta Film Festival!

Brett self-funded the movie! I hear that’s going around these days 

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An astonishingly review! Seriously, it’s astonishingly kind and cool!

"Sparks is one of the most astonishing pieces of work we’ve seen in a while. If this sounds like we’re gushing, you better believe it – aesthetically this is a thing of beauty, making a mockery of its DIY, Credit Card-sponsored production, while the rich and layered screenplay benefits from some astounding performances. We genuinely can’t recall the last time a film came from left-field that blew us away in such a fashion.”

-Peyton Westlake,


"Sparks is a mish-mash of genres the likes of which have rarely been seen before, all while boasting a hugely distinctive digital look"

"Sparks - brought to the screen by Folino and co-director Todd Burrows – is another ‘real life superhero’ story akin to Watchmen, Super, Defendor or Kick-Ass right? Wrong. This takes the darkness that proves so popular in such tales and dials the tone right down to noir, providing a living and breathing 1940s atmosphere; one that drips with mood that immaculately complements the perfectly-paced tale of secrets, lies and double-crosses that unfolds on-screen."

" Sparks is a story of love and redemption at its heart; the tale of a flawed man that makes bad decisions, and struggles to live with the consequences thereof."

"Williamson takes a difficult lead and makes it his own, portraying Ian Sparks’ descent from bright-eyed would-be superhero to washed-up cynic with the comfort and range of a thesp twice his age; wholly convincing as a man destroyed by love, Sparks never loses our sympathy, even when he’s a hard man to like."

"His female co-star, meanwhile, is a revelation; a literal Bell(e) of the superhero ball. Wearing the costume of Lady Heavenly with the comfort and confidence that only a real-life superhero nut could manage, Bell effortless weds this unapologetic ass-kickery to to an effortless elegance out of spandex, bringing to mind the great and glamorous stars of the golden age of Hollywood." 

"Sparks also builds its own universe in time at all, offering a unique lexicon of slang that never feels out of place and gloriously retro costumes and make-up. There are no Spider-Man­-style hitherto-untapped seamstress skills here; the crime-fighting costumes are gorgeous to look at, these guys genuinely resemble DIY superheroes from a post-war era, utilising the limited materials that would have been available at the time such as domino masks and common fabrics."

"Sparks is the kind of project that should restore faith in low-budget film-making for even the most cynical and embittered genre fan, and a labour of love that deserves all the support that a community can offer."

I wish I lived in the UK, I would ask my wife to bake a cake and I would deliver the cake to the folks at dragon And I would bring them beer also. 

I would be delivering a lot of Cake and Beer to the press in the UK, they’ve been very kind and supportive of the movie!

True story, last night, I went to sleep after an episode of “Doctor Who “with my son Dominic and daughter Angelina.

I told Dominic “Dream of the Tardis and that it takes you somewhere fun in the future!”

I know 8 years ago I would have needed a Tardis and the Pope to convince me that Sparks would have a future outside my notebook!

Here’s to making all your dreams a reality in the near future! Go make your own Tardis and never give up!


At last, the complete Sparks saga will be available in one graphic novel through Diamond Comic Distributors.

The May issue of Previews Magazine will feature Sparks, the critically acclaimed superhero noir graphic novel which is also now a major motion picture.

This means retailers will be able to place orders and have the graphic novel in their stores for June.

Previously only available on Amazon, Sparks will reach a much wider audience with Diamond Comic Distributors as a partner. 

You can’t miss it, as it will be advertised both on the spine and inside the May Previews.

Independently created and financed by Sideshow Productions, the Sparks graphic novel completes the story begun in 2008 and originally solicited in Previews. 

It’s nice to see that like the character Sparks himself, we’ve never given up. Our thanks to everyone at Diamond Comic Distributors for giving us this opportunity to finish what we started all those years ago.

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DVD Review: 'Sparks' Is A Remarkable Superhero Movie - »

A remarkably cool review!

"Sparks a Remarkable Superhero movie"
"4 out of 5 stars"

- James McDonald,

"I have such great respect for these filmmakers, for getting out there and deciding not to make a drama or comedy which, for independents, would be far less expensive, but for going all-out and producing an enjoyable and entertaining superhero movie that would put many of the studio-produced movies to shame."

"I don’t know if there’s talk about a sequel but of course the ending of the movie, like all superhero movies, leaves it wide open and literally screams for a continuance. If they get around to doing it, you can bet I will be supporting them."

Thank you Mr. McDonald for the incredibly kind words and we appreciate it greatly.

This last week I’ve been back at work and I am thankful for it. Sparks was a dream come true and to be able to travel from Santa Rosa to Houston with the film and Ashley, Bill, Jake and Clint was amazing.

And the people we met and the new friendships made even that more special. 

And what is going to happen with Sparks, I don’t know. But, it’s all icing on the cake from this point!

We got it made!

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